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A wide range of skills for all kinds of performances.



With a BA Hons in Dance, Chrissie has worked for over 10 years as performer. 

Trained in ballet, jazz, and tap and specialised in contemporary dance.

- Performing for dance companies and choreographers

- Music videos 

- Cabaret and Events

- Dance scenes for Movies and TV shows (such as Outlander)

- Other commissions and dance projects


From spinning, bendy elegance on aerial hoop to somersaulting through the air in aerial harness, with a little bit of tumbling beautifully down aerial silks thrown in.

- Aerial hoop acts for events

- Large scale outdoor shows on the sides of buildings or suspended from cranes or trees.

- Aerial harness for stunts/film/television


Whether it's dancing on skates, rollerskating big ramps at the skatepark or playing roller derby, Chrissie brings years of movement experience onto 8 wheels.

- Music videos and television

- Cabaret acts

- Promotions

- Choreographed dances for live events

- Creating atmosphere at events and parties.

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